Origami Paper Crafting – Best Draw In A New Audience With Unusual Mak

Origami can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it; once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be keen to up the ante with some more complicated makes.
Decorative paper,lightweight, double-sided
K&Company Jubilee Designer Paper Pad, 12-Inch- by-12-Inch
Scoring tool
Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool
Cutting mat
Alvin Professional Cutting Mats Green/Black Size – 18L x 12W inches
Metal ruler
Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base, 18 Inches
Cardstock, assorted colours
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E6000(R) Craft Adhesive, Clear, 2 oz
1. Take a 15cm square of double-sided paper and fold in half diagonally. Open out and refold in the opposite direction. Flatten the sheet and fold each corner to the centre.
2. Flip over the folded square and bend the corners back to meet the middle. Crease these folds firmly before opening out the sheet completely.
3. Place the square wrong side up and fold in the sides to the middle along the creases already formed. Push the top edge in, opening up the top corners as you do so. Allow the paper to fold along the creases to form a ‘T’ shape.