OMG! She Makes this for $20 How Could You Go Wrong? (WATCH!)

OMG! She Makes this for $20 How Could You Go Wrong? (WATCH!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is something everybody needs more of! When I ran across this tutorial it blew my mind that making one of these could cost only $20! I got busy making one right away and it has certainly served it’s purpose!

This beautiful handcrafted shelf and towel rack will dress up any bathroom. The wood is aged and stained to create an elegant yet rustic look.

Etsy has one of these and they are asking $135, which I’m sure is on the low end, since it’s not a retail establishment. So save yourself some money, like I did, and get busy making one for next to nothing! This is such an easy project and the reward of having one has made a huge difference for me! I love having that little bit of extra storage in my bathroom, not to mention how great it looks!

This bath shelf is awesome for any bathroom, you can use it to replace your standard towel rod or to use as extra storage.
It’s perfect for holding extra toilet paper, towels, mason jars or anything else like lotion or hand soap. It’s also a great way to display your beautiful bath towels and bathroom necessities and get them up off of your countertops, leaving you more space!

Watch how Rehab Life makes this extraordinary bath shelf in their step by step video, so you too can have one of these at your disposal!