Mini Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree
DIY Christmas Tree

Want to learn how to manually diy a beautiful Christmas tree do, we do not cut down trees, and will not squander the money, just for the treasure way through some simple paper waste, you can easily get free spent a happy Christmas section desired.

Katie from Boxford, Massachusetts submitted this Mini Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree to our craft contest. she has one brother and a dog and likes to do all sorts of crafts. Why don’t you create a craft and submit it too.

Mini Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Supplies

Green pipe cleaners
Shiny green pipe cleaners
Styrofoam cone
Mini fake light bulbs( found at many craft stores or dollar stores)
Mini decorations( as many as needed)
Mini tree topper

1.Take your cone and your green pipe cleaners and push the pointy end of the pipe
cleaner in the narrow end of the cone and wrap it around and around

2. Now keep? wrapping the green pipe cleaners around the cone til you get to
the fat or bottom of the cone.

3.Then stop and use the shiny pipe cleaners loosely around the cone using
as much as you’d like.

4. Curl up one or two green pipe cleaners into a circle and press it into
the top of the cone

5. Now just get the decorations and tie them on to the pipe cleaners and
then you’ve got a MINI TREE!!!!!