Matt Muenster’s 10 Water Watch-Out Areas

There are certain areas in the bathroom that commonly hold trapped water resulting in costly damage and mold growth. Keep an eye on these spots so you can nip any water-damage problems in the bud.

  • Watch the grout seams in the shower.
  • Regularly inspect the drain pipes inside your cabinetry.
  • Check areas where you commonly towel off.
  • Keep an eye on the grout lines all around the bathroom.
  • Once in a while, examine the seal around the toilet.
  • Check splash areas behind sinks.
  • Take a look at the faucet and countertop seal.
  • Inspect shut-off valves.
  • Check the piping between the shower valve and the showerhead.
  • Don’t always assume the leak is where the water damage is.
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