He Makes The Coolest Thing And You Won’t Believe What It Is


Let me first just say that I am not a super handy person when it comes to making something like this DIY project! But I was very determined to do this!

My hubby and I are trying to redo our bedroom for next to nothing and the best way to get a headboard for cheap is to build one yourself. We had an old headboard already and wanted something unique. I couldn’t find one that I liked, so we decided to build one. I didn’t just want a typical head board and the inspiration for this creation came from this tutorial by Jeremy Rabe.

I was really impressed with the modern feel this headboard has to it and was looking for a more contemporary headboard, so that’s what grabbed me about this particular one.

Shim headboards are the rage now, along with shim wall art and some people have even fashioned their kitchen islands with shim wood around the bottom and it looks fabulous! In case you don’t know what the word shim means the definition of the word shim according to Webster is: a thin slip or wedgeof metal, wood, etc., for driving into crevices.

The creative possibilities are endless with this project. (i.e. colors, furniture pieces, walls, etc). We went with the paint colors that Jeremy uses in this tutorial because it does scream modern, but this can be stained, left in it’s natural state or painted any color that you choose…that’s what’s so awesome about this project!

Watch how Jeremy Rabe builds this shim headboard in his step by step tutorial.