Make a Funky DIY Brooch at Home

Make a funky DIY brooch using basic decoupage techniques. The design is so versatile, and it’s a great way to use up interesting scrapbook paper or old cards, book text or music scores. We’ve also made some free printable gift tags so you can present your gift beautifully too!

I occasionally run a craft session at my local mothers’ group and it has to be a craft that anyone of any ability can do in minutes (with the imminent threat of their child coming out of creche crying for some reason or other!).

Next week I’m leading the craft session again, and we’re making these gorgeous wooden brooches. Once you’ve got the materials, the actual making is super simple, yet the result looks amazing and it’s a fabulous gift idea for Mom’s, family and friends. I can’t wait to lead the session and see all the different designs the ladies make out of my craft stash!