Look Terrible Halloween Fake Nail Through The Finger


Some people like Halloween, some people do not like, because people will be scared timid. What do you think?

This Halloween Fake Nail Through The Finger was used as a fund raising project spear headed by Susan D. from St. Paul, Minnesota.  Susan says,  “Last year I ran my children’s school fundraiser Boo Bash.  This event raises over $5000 for our students and consists of a Haunted House, Games, Neon Fun Room, Food and Beverages, Fortune Telling, a Bootique, and a Mutation Station.  With limitations on time and money,  I Needed something  for the “Mutation Station” that was safe, easy, affordable, and gory.  Having several donated 3M Bandages and Gauze, this is what I came up with.  Students who were 10-11 years old and Parents applied over 100 faux nails.  This station only need 1 -2 persons to tend to applying the nail.”

Hot Glue Gun
Black Foam Paper (a little goes a long ways)
Hole Punch
Black Stir Straws 10-100 (ask local coffee shop for some)
Medical Tape or Bandages like Band-aid
Hole poke or Large nail (size of straw)
Fake Blood (easy to make or buy)