Look Delicious You’ll Can’t Help To Eat Santa Crackers

Look Delicious You'll Can't Help To Eat Santa Crackers

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Look Delicious You'll Can't Help To Eat Santa Crackers
Kids will enjoy making these jolly Santa Crackers as a treat for Santa himself or for all the hungry little elves at your holiday table. Merry Christmas


Graham crackers
Pillsbury canned vanilla frosting
Red and rose food coloring (we used paste)
Mini Red Hot candies (eyes)
Red gumdrop (nose)
Mini marshmallows


We frosted the entire cookie with “pink” (use rose colorant) frosting. We snipped off the corner of a zipper lock bag and put a dab of “red” frosting on one corner of graham cracker, then using a small butter knife, spread the frosting to make the hat and while frosting was still moist, we added one mini marshmallow for tassel.

We then added mini marshmallows for the beard, red-hot candies for the eyes and red gumdrop for the nose. If frosting dries out before you can add the accessories, just gently pat with a wet finger. Simple and easy craft for the kids!