Look at these: I have new ideas with Wine Bottle Craft

Look at these: I have new ideas with Wine Bottle Craft

You must not think of glass bottles can be used to do.

I love to be able to recycle items I use into a few good wine bottle craft ideas.  Look at these: I have new ideas with Wine Bottle Craft

I did learn a few tricks as I worked with wine bottles. I tried to cut them at the bottom of the bottle but that never worked. I think it’s because the glass is much thicker at the bottom. If I did get it to crack, it wasn’t pretty. So learn from my mistakes and don’t go for a cut at the bottom of the bottle.

First, you set up the G2 Bottle Cutter based on the instructions in the box. Those instructions are perfect and easy to follow.

Aligning the cut where you want it is pretty easy. There are a few wing nuts on eat adjustment point.

Once you have it set up and the cut in place, all you have to do is press the diamond bottle cutter into the side of the glass bottle while holding the top as you cut. I found that if I don’t hold the top I am putting too much pressure on the cut and it won’t come out even. I worked little cuts at a time. Once you hear the cutting of the glass you know it’s working

Once you’ve etched the glass with the diamond tool, now is the time to break it where it etched. Or you hope to break it there anyway.

There are two different ways you can do this.

1. Get a bowl of hot water ready and ice cold water ready. The contrast between the hot water first, then the cold water should make your bottle break immediately. This works for me sometimes. Not always.

2. Use the tapping tool in the kit to break the bottle. I prefer this method. I am able to slightly tap the etched line along the bottle and have it finally break exactly where I want it to break. I find this makes the cleanest cut because I worked it slowly too. You will need to tap the inside of the glass bottle and the outside along the cut line.Look at these: I have new ideas with Wine Bottle Craft

Or you can combine the two methods above. I’m a bit impatient, so I just skipped to technique number two once I really go going cutting multiple bottles. I just couldn’t wait for the hot water to heat and the cold water to get cold enough with the ice. I’m very impatient.

Finally, you will need to “sand” the edges of the bottle with the mats they give you in the kit. That’s it. Your done! Now you just have to add your candles. You can get a huge bag of tea light candles on Amazon here for inexpensive or you can get the LED tea light candles and just turn them on when you need them. The best part about this craft is if you use the real candles you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing out your candles because the bottle protects it. I love that part!

I plan to create a design on these bottles with either paint or etching paste. I will use my Silhouette machine to get a super cute design, so stay tuned! That machine can do some fun and intricate designs. It’s going to be easy to create a stencil for them too.

Now even though I used these wine bottles as a table display, you can do something else with them. You can put a chain through the bottle with a large ring as a stopper in the center and place a hanging candle in it.Look at these: I have new ideas with Wine Bottle Craft