Now more and more people pay attention to the decoration of the house, especially the living room decoration effect, after all, the living room is the place to greet the guests, buy a house favorite is not easy, of course, to spend a good effort is needed in the decoration.

A living room is one of the most important interior areas of a home where your family spends most of the time together. Moreover, your friends and guests are also expected to be hosted frequently in this room. In short, it is to serve as the centre of gravity in any regular socializing household. If you are not able to put up a worthy living room style, it is going to affect the way you organise your whole home. As we approach 2016, we’re here to show you a guide of 2016 living room style.

To begin with, let’s get introduced with basic elements of 2016 living room ideas.

1 – Sofas:

There are many types of sofas available in the market, with variations based on different criteria.
Chaise Lounge

It can be considered as an upholstered chair with seating long enough to accommodate you comfortably with your legs extended and back laid. Rolled armrest on single side and tapered back distinguishes this type of sofa, superbly complimenting your living room decorating ideas.
2- Living room chairs
Occasional Chair

As simple and easy as its name, an occasional chair is simply a chair to be used occasionally; mostly put to use for guest hosting. However, it can add tremendously in your room decor endeavours when you use it as an accent piece in a room.
3 – Tables

Just like chairs, tables also offer great aesthetic as well as practical significance in decoration ideas for living room.
Coffee Tables

Coffee tables get very handy in holding a variety of stuff while you rest on your sofas. You can get these tables in conventional as well as contemporary designs in round, oval or rectangular shapes. You also get storage facility in them with lift-top tables. So, you get convenience as well as beauty in decorating living room ideas.

Accent Tables

As a matter of fact, any small living table can be used to make a living room accent table with appropriate contrast and distinction from rest of the decor theme.



Benches can be used in endless ways to add beauty and practicality in decorating ideas for living room. A leather bench or a wooden bench not only fills in as an aesthetic aid, but can also serve as a rustic coffee table. When upholstered, benches can also be used for seating.


In order to make a lasting first impression, it needs to look in order and harmony, for which you need appropriate decorating ideas and furnishing. Wondering about how to decorate a living room from scratch sounds quite overwhelming apparently, but it can turn out an opportunity that leads you to accomplishment of your dream home decor.