List of the Best Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers are a must for gardens for three reasons. First, they’re low maintenance plants that tend to be hardy and drought resistant, so they don’t need a lot of help from you to survive. Second, you can plant them once and they come back season after season. No replanting required. Third, they give resilience and consistency to your garden, providing a backbone around which you can plant short-lived annuals.

What is a perennial flower? It’s one that grows back each year from roots that go dormant in the soil in the winter. Perennial flowers generally bloom for a single season: summer, spring or fall. There are perennials for every location in your garden. There are perennial flowers for sun and some that thrive in shade. 

How do you grow a perennial flowers? You can buy container-grown plants from a nursery and transplant them, or you can buy perennial flower seeds and sow them directly into the ground or into containers to transplant later.

Trying to decide what to grow? Here’s a perennial flowers list of seven popular plants for your garden. We’ve included plants that grow in sun or shade, have flowers in a variety of colors and bloom in various seasons.


A staple of summer gardens, this wildflower native to prairies blooms all summer. It’s a sun worshipper that comes in shades of purple, white, magenta and occasionally orange and red. 


This tough plant produces flat-topped clusters of flowers in red, yellow or pink atop ferny, silver-gray foliage. Yarrow blooms from late spring to early fall.


One of the most popular flowering perennials, daylilies come in an endless variety of colors and flower types. Some bloom just once, others bloom all summer. They look great in mixed beds.


This plant blooms in the fall in shades of orange, purple, red, white and yellow. Mums tend to be a short-lived perennial flower, dying back after a few seasons, so this is a perennial flower you’ll need to replant every few years

Pincushion Flower 

Dainty blue flowers bloom all summer and into the fall, making pincushion flowers, or scabiosa, one of the longest bloomers in a perennial flower bed. 


These shade-lovers are prized for their large, tropical-looking leaves but they also send up spikes of pink, pale purple or white flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds love. 

Asiatic Lily

Bright blooms grow from bulbs and give summer color in shades of orange, yellow, white, red, purple, rose and bicolors.