Landscape Makeover: From Desperate Yard to Picket-Pretty Curb Appeal

The homeowner discovered two snakes in her yard, and now she’s terrified to set foot in it — much less do any landscaping. The neighbors would be happy if she’d mow the yard, but they’d be happier if the yard looked as good as the others on the block. There’s not even a sidewalk!

A picket fence defines the space, and the new walkway offers a view of beautiful plantings. A fresh coat of paint on the house complements the bright new landscape. On the right, a hornbeam tree provides a strong vertical element. With the tall weeds gone, the yard may just be a little less hospitable for snakes.

On the left side of the house, a Kousa dogwood, daylilies, phlox and bugbane will provide a long season of color for this front yard.

On the right side of the yard, coneflowers and Russian sage will provide color from summer to fall. Planters frame either side of the front door.

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