Integrating Cow Print into Your Kitchen

Animal print is often utilized in interior design. From leopard and zebra to antelope and cheetah you don’t have to look hard to find it popping up here and there in rooms on the web and in the magazines. As of late I have noticed a new animal is getting more and more popular…THE COW!  I personally love cows, especially spotted cows. I love how each and every spot on each and every cow is different. Some cows are covered with spots, while others only have a few. Not only do cow spots vary in size, shape and placement but they vary in color as well. My love for cow spots runs deep, so much so that I actually named my design blog – The Cow Spot! Needless to say I have been extremely excited to see cow related decor becoming more and more popular in interior design. But can it be integrated into the kitchen? I say yes! Let’s explore a few options for you to consider. via Pinterest via Pinterest

Cow Rug

The cow hide rug is a popular choice in interiors. Whether the rugs are real cow hide or faux, most all rugs have a life of their own due to the sporadic nature of the spots. Rugs are a great way to add texture and life to your kitchen and I think the cow rug in this space does just that.  Because the cow hide rug is so popular you can easily find them at all different price points. From big box stores to antique shops and flea markets, cow hide rugs are available at any budget and in a slew of different colors, and sizes just waiting to jazz up your home. 

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Miss Mustard Seed via Pinterest

Cow Head on Hood.
Miss Mustard Seed via Pinterest

Cow Bust

Animal busts are another popular accessory in today’s interiors, so why not a cow bust in the kitchen? I love how this particular bust was incorporated on the face of the hood for maximum impact on the focal wall in this space. If you don’t have a hood in your kitchen consider incorporating a bust on a blank wall or mix one into an existing gallery wall. 

HGTV Urban Oasis via Pinterest

HGTV Urban Oasis via Pinterest

Cow Art

This shot is from the dining room at the 2015 HGTV Urban Oasis. This space as well as the rest of the home was decorated by Brian Patrick Flynn who is known for is bold style and cool aesthetic. I love how this painting not only infuses color and interest into this space, but also a certain amount of quirky fun. Cow inspired art is pretty readily available and could look cool mixed in with other pieces of art in a gallery wall style or as one big statement piece. via Pinterest

Cow Barstool. via Pinterest

Cow Barstool

I love this image and I love the cow print barstools! As we have talked about before barstools are a great way to add interesest and personality to your kitchen. I love how the cow print barstools in this space really add a layer of funk to the kitchen without coming across corny or too in your face. The black and white coloring works nicely with the white and gray accents in the kitchen and really brings the space as a whole together. 

Cow Decor Can Work With Any Decorating Aesthetic

There are some that consider cow decor to work better with a more country vibe, but I think the images today really prove that cow print can easily integrate into any interior aesthetic. Whether you opt for a little or a lot of cow decor in your space there is no denying the instant fun and flair it will add to your kitchen.