How To Turn Dollar Store Fishbowls Into An Awesome Christmas Decoration!


The holiday season is coming forward, and with it comes the always fun task of taking the Christmas decoration boxes out of storage and decking the halls. But there’s always room for one more DIY decorationespecially if it’s as cute as this one.

Blogger Kelly Dixon of  Smart School House created this darling fish bowl snowman, a craft that is guaranteed to have your friends and family members asking how you pulled it off.

The secret? Fishbowls! Seriously, this holiday decoration couldn’t be easier (or cheaper) to make.

To create your own three-tiered Frosty, start with three different sized fish bowls and stack them together. But first, fill the inside of the bowls with fake snow, Christmas figurines, LED tea lights and bottlebrush trees to craft a cute snowy scene in each one.

To top off her snowman, Kelly made a hat out of black craft foam for the smallest bowl (aka the “head”). The finishing touch: green and red ribbons for an extra dose of Christmas fun!

Watch Kelly’s easy DIY tips and the full step by step tutorial. This is a fun DIY project!