How to Make Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Decoupage floral paper napkins onto ceramic eggs to make beautiful blooms for the breakfast table.


-Hi! I’m Taryn Mohrman, Parents Magazine’s Lifestyle editor. Aileen and I are gonna show you how to make this beautiful napkin decoupage eggs. They’re surprisingly easy to craft and the best part is that you can use them to decorate your house year after year. First, you’re gonna wanna round up some basic materials. You’re gonna need napkins and we chose this pretty flower style, scissors, a foam craft brush, craft glue, couple of rolls of tape, and a ceramic egg. So first up for this craft is to peel off the back of these paper napkins. This is just gonna make them a little bit thinner so that they’re easier to glue on to the egg. Brush a thin layer of glue on to the egg before you press on the first flower. Put another thin layer of glue on top of the flower to seal it down on to the egg. Then, repeat to add more flowers. And once all the edges are glued down, you can rest the egg in the tape roll and let it dry overnight. Then you have beautiful flower eggs to use in your Easter egg hunt the next day.