How to Make an Unique Envelope with Unwanted Items


I love to make homemade cards so learning how to make envelopes was right up my alley. At first the prospect of making my own envelopes sounded a little daunting, but following this tutorial made envelope crafting easier than card making. Now I can make envelopes to compliment any card I make myself, or store bought ones I’ve either lost envelopes for or that I want to make look more interesting with paper patterns.

All you need to make these beautiful card holders is paper in your choice of color or pattern, a pair of scissors, a CD (you’ll learn more about that in the tutorial), and some glue to hold it all together. If you’re a paper crafts fan like me, you will love making your own envelopes at home and there’s no better way to learn than with this easy step by step tutorial. Add your own flair like making a button or a ribbon the closure or try layering different papers to create your own unique pattern.