How to DIY Wine Glass Lamp Shade

How to DIY Wine Glass Lamp Shade

As I was thinking of ways to decorate for the holidays I started thinking that I didn’t want to purchase anything extravagant or pricey but I want something different. I’ve been trying to find ways to use “stuff” I already have around my house to decorate a boring table for Thanksgiving or maybe even Christmas. How to DIY Wine Glass Lamp Shade

I started off using different types of paper.  I can tell you that the thicker paper works best.

Wine Glass Lamp Shade DIY Project Materials Needed:
Designer Card Stock paper just like these found here the sizes need to at least be an 8.5 x 11 sheets
Hole Punch (optional)
Embellishments (optional)
Clear tape or clear glue (I used tape)
Wine glasses
Regular Tea lights or Battery operated tea lights (you can get a 12 pack for only $6.90 wow!)How to DIY Wine Glass Lamp Shade

Wine Glass Lamp Shade DIY Project Instructions:
First, download and print off this Wine Glass Lamp Shade Template here.

Use the pattern and cut out the lamp shade from your favorite piece of designer paper. I’ve also added stars to the patter just in case you want to use a hole punch to add a decoration to the end of the lamp shade.

Glue or use clear tape the edges together as seen in the photo. I found a clear tape to work perfectly. Tip: Don’t use the cheap tape. You want it to be clear when you press it down to stick it together. I love this tape seen here on Amazon.How to DIY Wine Glass Lamp Shade

Finally, add your tea light to the bottom of your wine glass and place your beautiful new Wine Glass Lamp Shad on top of it!!!