How To DIY Snowman Placecards

DIY Snowman Placecards
DIY Snowman Placecards

Handmade can give us all a lot of fun, waste CDs can be made into many crafts, such as the giant panda, snowman, penguin, chick, colorful goldfish, as well as the sun, sunflowers, and so on. All right, then we can stay home to do it manually, in this hot summer, they are not really miss the kind of cool winter it?

Make these adorable little Snowman Placecards will delight all the holiday party guests and the kids will love deciding who sits where.

DIY Snowman Placecards You’ll need:

Styrofoam balls of two different sizes
Flat piece of styrofoam
Wire edged ribbon
Straight Pin
Cotton Pom Pom
Seed Beads
Pipe Cleaner
Heavy white paper

Created from two polystyrene balls of different sizes for the body and head. The balls are held together with a wooden toothpick.

Their hats are made from ribbon used for Christmas decorations,(the kind with a wire around the edges so they keep their shape). The hats are fixed with a pin at the back of the head. Fold the ribbon over the top of the head and add a cotton pompom. The ensemble is then fixed with a pin.

The eyes, the nose, the arms and the buttons are seed beads threaded on pins.

The scarf is made from a piece of pipe cleaner.

The song sheets are made of white calling cards.

The base is a square of kapaline board.

Push three pins up through the kapaline and then place the snowman on top to hold him tight.

Use red and white ribbon to vary the colors against a white tablecloth.

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