How to diy Polycarbonate BURGLAR BARS


Here is an inexpensive and easy way to diy burglar bars in your home.
One of the appealing features is that you can see through the bars, often forgetting that they’re even there. So you don’t need to feel as if you’re living in a prison in order to keep burglars out.
Polycarbonate plastic is a very uesful material. Although it can resist hard impacts, it is also very scratch-resistant. It is lightweight which makes it perfect to use to make lenses for spectacles and also the plastic lenses for car lights. Polycarbonate has high transparency levels, and has better light transmission than many kinds of glass.
It can be laminated to make bullet resistant glass, such as the glass that is used in bullet proof cars, and when thicker laminations are created, polycarbonate can be used to make almost impenetrable barriers such as those used at the tellers window in a
The cockpit canopies of jet planes, such as the American F-22 stealth fighter is made from polycarbonate plastic. It is optically perfect and very strong to be able to withstand the forces that are exerted on it at very high speed and with the accompanying G-forces.
So, polycarbonate plastic is strong, flexible, easy to cut and drill, lightweight and has all of the attributes necessary to make it great to use as a burglar proofing medium in your home.
Have a look at this great video. It’ll give you some great ideas for your home.