How To DIY Christmas Tree Made Out of Sticks


Christmas , every year on December 25, is a traditional festival of the church calendar, it is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Children also quickly hands to play all Christmas children manual production.

I am always looking out for fun kids project ideas and this DIY Christmas Tree is a wonderful project idea to keep those kids busy.

Start this project by laying out the sticks in the order of size with the smallest at the top and going all the way down to the biggest at the bottom. Cut a piece of ribbon or twine almost double the size of the tree. You will need two pieces that are the same size. Start by tying both pieces together in a knot for the top of the tree. Now tie a knot around the first stick on one side and with the other string on the other side as seen in the photo. You will want to try to tie your knots the same distance apart on each branch to tie the knot to. Finish at the very last branch by tying a double knot at the end. I added a battery operated tea light to the top of my tree. I didn’t have to glue it because it fit snug in between the twine I used and the first branch.


Now that your tree is complete, you just have to decorate it! We used ribbon, pipe cleaners in different colors along with buttons and beads on our tree. I have a huge jar of extra buttons that we have been saving for a long time. It comes in handy when making crafts with the kids.

Here’s a Christmas Tree made out of sticks tutorial:
First, find a bunch of sticks about the same width if possible. Finding the sticks almost turned into a race when you have multiple kids doing this same project. Be sure to have an adult use a small hand saw to trim the branches into the sizes you need. We started off with between 10 to 12 sticks ranging from smaller to bigger. Our branches were not that big so we were able to break them off without the use of a tool. Next, the kids had to gather things from around the house to decorate their tree with. This was a frugal project so we didn’t buy any extra supplies. We have a full craft area with lots of extra supplies we could use.

Supplies Needed for a Christmas Tree Made Out of Sticks:

Tree Topper (such as a battery operated tea light, star or ribbon)
Pipe Cleaners or wire to attach your ornaments

Here are some decoration supply ideas:

small toys
paper snowflake cutouts
pipe cleaners
dried corn
popcorn (on strands)