How to Clean Your Headlights … in 60 Seconds!


When you see a how to tip online, do you take a chance and give it a try? I am usually very skeptical if it really seems to good to be true. A few weeks back an image popped up on social media claiming you could use regular household [walmart OFF] bug spray to clean and brighten up your head lights. The picture that was shared was a dramatic difference between the before and after, and of course we didn’t think it was true. Well, we put it to the test and we were shocked to see that it was true! An amazing difference from the before to the after pictures of the headlights. So from me to you, here is How to Clean Your Headlights using Bug Spray.

How to clean your headlights 60 seconds! Daily DIY

2 Dirty Headlights
[walmart Cleaning Rags] (We used an old sock)
[walmart Deep Woods OFF] bug spray in the green can
A little elbow grease

How to clean your headlights.. in 60 seconds! Daily DIY

Simply spray the entire area of the headlight with a good amount of [walmart OFF] bug spray. Let it sit for just a minute or two.

Wipe the bug spray from the headlights, using a little pressure for those stubborn areas.

How to clean your headlights.. in 60 seconds! Daily DIY

The photos shown are after just one scrubbing. Letting the [walmart OFF] sit for just 30 seconds. There was so much grime on the cloth. I think we will be doing this once a month to keep our lights shining bright.

How to clean your headlights.. in 60 seconds! Daily DIY

You can see the difference just in the before and after photos. My parents visit family a few hours away atleast twice a month and there was a good amount of build up on the headlights. We were pleasantly surprised with the possitive outcome from this how to clean your headlights tip.

Do you like to try off the wall how to tips? Do you have any favorites that you would like to share?

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