How Blogging has Changed My Life!

If you have read my story on how I started blogging on my About Page, then you know this blog is not the first one I have done. The first 3 or 4 were subjects that I should not have been blogging about in the first place. I am very passionate about my family, food, and my home and/or crafting, decorating ect.. to better my home. Writing about coupons and deals and holidays I just could not commit to every single day and write something genuine and real for you all to read. My heart just was not in it, that is until I started writing about what I love! And what I/we do every single day to make our house a home. That to me is worth shouting from the roof tops. Since I started this wee little blog, it has changed the way we do things every day around here. I just want to share with you just How Blogging has Changed My Life ! For the better of course.

How Blogging Changed my Life .. For the Better! Daily DIY


I am a mom of 4 boys (5 if you count the husband!) …..(6 if you count the pup! – good greif!) and having 4 boys, nothing is EVER clean for very long. It never has been and I don’t think it ever will be until they all move away and have a house of their own. But I will say that now, since I have started this blog things are a lot more tidy than they once were. Almost on a regular basis if you can believe that! Why is that you ask? Well I take a lot of pictures. Of crafts and food and decorations ect. It would really suck to have a gorgeous new Fall Craft displayed on the table and last nights Mc Donalds wrappers in the back ground! Am I right? LOL So now everything is picked up and cleaned up on almost a daily basis so mom does not have a photo disaster. Cha Ching – they don’t like it when moms grouchy!

Feeding my family is another HUGE area that has changed for the better. Yes, I have always loved to cook and create yummy new recipes for the men in my life. But now, since starting this blog, all of my breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts are a bit more elaborate. I have honed my knife skills so the food looks as good as it tastes. I have experimented with food pairings that I never would have thought to try before, because i saw it on another incredible blog. I mean lets face it, if  Tip Junkie says bananas go with onions…. dag nab it we’re going to give it a try. They know their stuff!  On a serious note, my picky teens are getting more open to trying new things, because they see how much I really want it to work/taste good/ look good so I can succeed. ( My boys love their mama!)

Organizing my life I would say is at the very top of this list. I am a procrastinator by nature. And when I say this, I don’t just mean putting off Christmas shopping or ignoring the sink full of dishes. I mean to the extreme of throwing a party for 100 and waiting til 2 days before to even begin the planning. Or knowing a bill needs to be paid by the 1st and I am putting the bill in the night drop at midnight on the 2nd so it’s there when they open the next day. It’s bad …real bad! But, running this blog has given me the structure that I need to get and stay on track. I know when I get up in the morning, I don’t have 3 hours to drink coffee and catch up on Ellen (as much as I would like to .. Love you Ellen!) . I have to mark off the items on my to do list for the day. If that just means blog stuff then that is what it is. But usually blog stuff for me consists of making something crafty. Preparing a recipe for dinner before the sun goes away so I can get a good picture, or planning my Menu for the next week so I can share it with my readers. It is all relative in some way some how and it keeps me focused and improves my home life.

Yes, there are still days where  I am sitting at my computer for hours. Dishes don’t get done and the floor hasn’t been swept. But ya know what? That is completely OK too! I’ve said it a hundred times before and I will say it again … We live here! We actually eat, sleep, play, and love right here in this house. If it is not perfect, that is OK! But having this blog keeps us all inspired to want to do just one extra chore to help out. One extra step to make our house a better home for everyone.

The way I see it, starting a blog about something you are passionate about (your life!) is a win win situation for every one involved.

Are you passionate about something and you want to share it with the world? What is it? Do you run a blog already or are you looking to get one started? If you need a push to get you going, check out the Learn to Blog group on Facebook. A wonderful group of bloggers pushing and  mentoring each other on the path to successful blogging. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for listening to my rambles, and I hope this post has inspired you to take what you love and turn it into something great. There is always a silver lining to some of the worlds most simple things.

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