HELP – It needs a facelift!

Hey everyone!
At the risk of opening up my very cluttered and un managed home to you all, I have decided to start a help page. Not to help you LOL but to help ME! Wait .. don’t leave! I need your assistance ?

My home needs A LOT of help. No seriously, it is very lack luster in appearance.
We live in a 2 family home, and my landlord is very flexible with what i do to the inside. As long as I don’t make any structural changes, he is open to it. Paint, decor, ect is all fair game!

A little bit of a back story here before we go on ..
A year ago, we decided to pack up and move states. We sold/donated everything and came here on a whim with just clothes. So we are completely starting over from scratch.
Many of our items were given to us from some wonderful folks, and some we bought new and some found at yard sales.

When I first looked at this apartment, I hated it. The lady that lived here before was a slob! To put it nicely ? I don’t think she cleaned a day that she lived here. I walked in and looked around a bit to be nice, but told my hubby absolutely NOT will we live there. After a few months of the landlord and my perfect next door neighbor (she lives alone and we hardly ever see her, but when we do she is as sweet as can be.) cleaned and painted and did some serious work inside, I decided we should take another look since the price and location was right for all our needs. And it’s just 2 houses down from my mother, which I LOVE!
He did a great job cleaning up the place and making it “livable” enough that I decided why not? We can make this work for us. Some paint and decorations, we can make this home.

I have lived here since December of 2013 and really haven’t done what I had planned to do. And I just don’t know where to start. I attempted to paint the cabinets one day out of boredom and a can of paint he left in the basement. But I certainly didn’t do it correctly and I haven’t even finished them. half brown half white. They are really a mess !

Over the last few months doing this blog I have met some really wonderful and insightful people. As well as discovering some amazing blogs about home making and decorating and DIY projects for the home. It’s inspiring! Sure I can whip up a batch of cupcakes and decorate them wonderfully. Or feed my family of 4 on a limited budget, and eat pretty well doing it. But I need some serious help when it comes to making my house what I want it to be.
That is where you come in!
I’m going to show you an area in my house that needs serious help (this could take a while! ) I will take all suggestions on the how to and what to do  to make it awesome.
Then we will choose one. Document the process of making it wonderful and reveal the final project.

I am going to show you these areas in my house as they are. I will not alter them  on the original pictures. (PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME!! LOL) I already know I need help! Isn’t that the first step to fixing a problem?

Also, I need to and want to do this on a budget. So please keep that in mind when you are pitching your ideas and products.

So here goes….

The first area I want to fix is the display cabinet in my kitchen!
I am leaning towards a beach theme for the kitchen. Natural browns and tans to go with the white. Accented with light blue and dark blue nautical themed items.

So here it is (I can’t believe I’m showing you all this!!) … My “junk drawer” of cabinets!

Help! It needs a facelift

As you can see it is a catch all for everything! Yarn, craft supplies, crock pot, empty picture frames, papers, party supplies. It is my “junk drawer” for the bigger things that don’t actually fit IN a drawer!(That’s a whole ‘nother post! Yikes I have a junk drawer problem!)
It’s pretty, and it has potential if it is done right.

My thoughts:
I was thinking of keeping the walls the sandy brown color and painting the wood white. Baskets are an option for the inside, but I feel with the glass it should be something a bit more “pretty”.

How would you fix this major eye sore? What products and/or color pallet would you suggest?
Leave your comments and suggestions below. I will review them all and pick one that best meets our family needs and document the progress as it goes along.

Thanks in advance for all your help in making our house a lovely home … on a budget!

Please note: I know I am probably going to get the negative comments, and the hate mail ect. from posting my home issues with everyone on the web. Please, if you have negative things to say just keep them to yourself. I genuinely would like help and ideas to pretty up my house, and it would be a great story to follow during the process of HOW I did it, and WHAT I did to take it to the next level.