He Makes The Most Unique Lamp With A Tea Cup And Saucer!

He Makes The Most Unique Lamp With A Tea Cup And Saucer! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you have some beautiful old tea cups that you’d like to show off, other than on a shelf or in a cupboard, then this is the perfect DIY project for you!

Are you bored of from the ordinary lamps in your home that are just illuminating your room and have no uniqueness or aesthetic beauty… then you will enjoy seeing the extent of creativity in tea cup lights. The beautiful design will add a breath of fresh air to your room and will make you admire its design and style for a long time. You can decorate them on the ceiling or at your study table they look cool and funky and at the same time portray elegance and nobility. You room will come to life with these dazzling tea cup lights.

I hope to encourage you to think outside the box with that thrift store teacup you’ve been saving. I saw a stacked tea set floor lamp, on Pinterest, and it reminded me of Anthropologie’s One-Lump-Two Lamp ($198), and before I knew it, I had found a slew of quirky and cute accents for the home. I especially love the repurposed items, like this teacup lamp.

Not just for mad hatters and March hares, the makings of a tea party, namely teapots and teacups, are showing up in the home, so jump in and make one of these distinctive little lamps!

My daughter has a slew of old tea/coffee china coffee cups that are just sitting in her glass faced cabinets…I wonder if she’d miss one?  Only kidding, but I can suggest that I help her make one of these for her girls rooms, since they are pink.

Watch how this guy with Threadbanger makes this adorable lamp and, if you don’t have a cool cup and saucer, I’m sure you can find one at your local thrift store!