He Makes The Most Awesome Pallet Wood Table (Watch!)

He Makes The Most Awesome Pallet Wood Table (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas


Hey home lovers! Looking for some extraordinary recycling tips? This jewel of a table will add the pizzazz to your living room that has been missing! This is a really sharp looking table and has a modern look to it, with the simple lines and the hardware that he used

Pallet wood that is treated with other materials, such as metal and hardware, delivers a cooler and cozier effect in the finished products…especially in furniture. Adding a touch of metal can really lift up the mood of your targeted furniture design. And don’t you just love that it has a bottom shelf, making for an extra space to put things?

Why would you ever buy one of these when they’re so easy to make, not to mention that it will cost you very little, since the pallets are free?

This table works really well for a smaller living room or den or if you have a lot of different pieces in your living room and not enough space for a big wide coffee table.

This amazing type of pallet wood coffee table will make your living room a focal point and you will enjoy the ease of serving food and coffees to your guests.

Watch how Symmetry Hardware makes this dynamite table in their step by step tutorial!