He Cuts A Tree Log And Some Wood So He Can Make Something Quite Unique! (WATCH!)

He Cuts A Tree Log And Some Wood So He Can Make Something Quite Unique! (WATCH!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I believe we all have a special affinity for things made out of tree branches or logs that are left and utilized in their natural state. This project is truly a wonderfully unique piece that is so pleasing to the eye. I happen to collect these and this is one of my favorites of my collection!

I absolutely love bird houses and have collected many over the years. After seeing this tutorial I had to make one, since I didn’t have a bird house remotely like this one. I have all types of hand painted wooden ones, some with tin roofs and different in shapes and sizes. This particular one looks perfect among them! Unusual log birdhouses creates a rustic focal point in the garden… guaranteed for many seasons of successful broods!

Making rustic birdhouses is easy and only requires a few basic hand tools, a few nails and a walk in the woods to gather materials. The fun part about building rustic bird houses is that anything goes and allows for an eclectic assortment of building materials. Most rustic birdhouses are made of mainly recycled wood, reclaimed barn boards, metals, natural or organic “found” objects (bark, branches/twigs, pine cones, fallen logs, stones, shells, driftwood, etc.) all which have been aged by mother nature.

Watch how DiResta makes this in his step by step tutorial so you can build your rustic birdhouse too!