He Brilliantly Turns An Old Suitcase Into A Medicine Cabinet!

He Brilliantly Turns An Old Suitcase Into A Medicine Cabinet! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Gosh! Don’t you love the incredibly smart things that people come up with to give old stuff a new life? This one takes the cake in my book!

Vintage suitcases are becoming a kind of big thing lately in the up-cycling world. People make coffee tables, bookshelves, you name it with these babies. After seeing this tutorial that The Heathered Nest has done, I knew I wanted a medicine cabinet, so I was hunting for the perfect specimen. Ideally I needed a very rectangular hard case, that was at least deep enough for a roll of toilet paper. It had to be functional, as well as cool. I found the perfect one at my local thrift store!

Yesteryear’s pint size suitcase has been up-cycled to a hanging vanity and I happen to think it’s the bees knees! A fun, vintage touch for a bathroom. How extraordinary is this? I love things like this DIY project…my home is full of them!

I’m crazy about all of the crafty DIY’s with old suitcases! People are making dog beds, mini-bars, stools, shelves, tables and on and on… Pretty soon we’ll be hard pressed to find an old suitcase at the thrift stores!

Watch how The Heathered Nest does this in their step by step tutorial.