Handmade Peapod Ornament With Your Kids

Christmas Crafts for kid
Christmas Crafts for kid

Pupils handmade small production works in the classroom, it is very artistic, students turning waste into treasure handmade peapod ornament to develop the children’s ability, at home with young children may wish to let the children to learn about hand-made creative handmade cute pupils.

This Peapod Ornament is a perfect package decoration for your gift for grandparents. The supplies are inexpensive and you’ll have fun collecting the materials and making the craft too.

Handmade Peapod Ornament Supplies

Green Pom Pom Balls
Milkweed Pod
Craft Glue

Glue appropriate number of Pom Pom Balls inside milkweed pod. If you just picked the pods you may need to let them dry out for a day or so.

Loop and knot ribbon. Glue knot of ribbon to top of milkweed pod.

Wrap in cute packaging and give to your favorite person!