Hand in Hand Cardboard Tube Grinch

Hand in Hand Cardboard Tube Grinch

Use of existing materials do at home, we had a green Christmas. Turning waste into treasure can also make a beautiful DIY Christmas gift.
Hand in Hand Cardboard Tube Grinch
Look out here comes the Cardboard Tube Grinch. But instead of spoiling your Christmas he is here to make everyone smile.


Toilet Paper Roll
Green and Red Consttruction Paper
Black Marker
White Glitter


Wrap a piece of red construction paper around the toilet paper roll and glue it.

Sketch a drawing of the Grinch’s face. I did the outline of a three leaf clover. Make sure there is a bump on top so ou can glue the red hat to it.

Cut two red arms and two green hands. Just bend the ends of the red arm pieces and glue to the side of the toilet paper roll.

Cut two feet that look like green beans. Then fold the end and tape it to the inside of the toilet paper roll on the bottom.

Glue places where the white shows such as the hat arms, and around his neck. Then sprinkle with white glitter to make it shimmer.

Now you have your Grinch. Maybe he should sit in front of the person who doesn’t have a smile on his face. It’s sure to make him smile.