Halloween Crafts Easy Tiger Costume


Today is the West Halloween, businesses have the opportunity to seize the festival, the past few days and shop Commodity City Funny costumes are selling hot. Happened to catch up with this year’s Halloween weekend, the streets of bars and five-star hotel is gearing up, going to the nightfall, Funny staged a drama in the capital.

This Easy Tiger Costume can be made with a tee shirt, socks and a headband. What could be easier and more perfect for homemade Halloween.

Black Fine Jewel Tulip ® Fashion Glitter ™
Black Tulip ® Fabric 3-D Paint
Black Tulip ® Fabric Spray Paint
Neon Orange Tulip ® Fabric Spray Paint
Tulip ® Fashion Glitter and Bond
Craft knife
White 100% cotton T-shirt
Black headband
Paper towels
Cardboard to insert into T-shirt
Cardstock – 2 sheets
Freezer paper
(2) 16 oz. plastic water bottles (full or empty)
(2) Black chenille stems
Medium paintbrush
Foil or foam plate
White athletic socks


1. Press tee with iron. Place cardboard piece between layers of tee to create stable surface and prevent paint seepage. Place paper towels around tee to prevent overspray onto work surface.

2. Spray Neon Orange evenly over entire shirt. Turn to back side and repeat. Also spray sides to complete coverage. Let dry and remove cardboard insert from tee.

3. Cut two pieces of freezer paper each sized to cover front and back of tee.

4. Using pencil, freehand tiger stripes on the freezer papers. Cut out stripes using craft knife.

5. Place stencil on tee with shiny side down and iron onto tee making sure edges are well sealed. Cover any areas of tee that may be exposed with paper towels.

6. Spray Asphalt fabric paint over the stencil to make the stripes. Let dry. Remove stencil.

7. Repeat steps for back of tee.

8. Pour some Glitter Bond on foil or foam plate. Lightly brush into areas of the black stripes.

9. Follow with sprinkling of Black glitter. Lightly lay piece of paper on top and gently press to set glitter. Tap off remaining glitter and reuse for back stripes. Let dry.

10. Stretch socks over the water bottles. Spray entire sock with Neon Orange. Let dry.

11. Cut two 4” x 5” pieces from cardstock and insert in toe area of socks to prevent paint from seeping through to other side of sock.

12. Transfer paw pattern onto another small piece of cardstock. Cut out paw pattern to create stencil.

13. Hold stencil down with one hand and spray Asphalt. Repeat with other sock. Let dry.

14. Brush some Glitter Bond lightly over paws and sprinkle on some Black glitter. Press piece of paper on top, lightly press and let dry.

15. On remaining side of sock, draw claws using the Black 3D fashion paint. Sprinkle some black glitter on the wet paint. Let dry.

16. With black chenille stem, make a loop and twist at the bottom to create ear. Repeat for second ear. Wrap the loose ends tightly to headband. You may wrap additional pipe cleaners around headband if desired.

17. Brush some Glitter Bond to ears and band and sprinkle some Black Glitter to add sparkle. Shake off excess glitter.