Grandparents Day – FREE Printables!

Wow! September is upon us. This year has flown by already. With the start of back to school means Grandparents day is soon to follow. When the boys were younger the elementary school always hosted a grandparents day breakfast. All the little ones were able to invite grandmas and grandpas to join them at the school for their special day. It was something the boys always looked forward to. And I think my parents did as well.

Of course the little ones must grow up and they don’t offer that sweet annual breakfast in the high school or the middle school for that matter. So this year, we will have to host our own Grandparents breakfast, or maybe lunch. After all grandparents are the ones that love you, teach you and nurture you to the fullest extent. Then they send you home covered in chocolate, dirt under your fingernails and rips in your jeans. It’s just what they do! Am I right?

Unfortunately, I lost my grandparents at a pretty young age. But the memories I have of all of them are some of the fondest memories of my entire child hood. Wandering around the garden with my Gram. Eating … I mean picking strawberries and peas. The delicious food she would make and force us all to eat even if we were not hungry at all. Something about a plain ol’ tuna sandwich just tasted better when Gram made it.

My Children are also very blessed when it comes to grandparents. The best moms and dads always turn into even better grandparents. Being around them just makes them happy, and really brings out the best in the boys. I’m very thankful they have wonderful Grandparents to turn to.

Want to know a little bit about how Grandparents Day came about? Check out this link – Legacy Project . org – Grandparents Day History

This year we are planning to go with a  grandparents brunch. And I have come up with lots of great ideas for the menu. I can’t wait to get in the kitchen to cook up this perfect meal for a few perfect grandparents.

If you are looking for some great FREE printables to tie your party together, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a 4 fold card (blank inside), an award for the Worlds best …. (fill in the blank), 2 different note pages  so your child can write Grandma or Grandpa a personal note, with space to include a nice drawing or a picture if you like. And some super sweet cupcake toppers so you can jazz up those delicious mini cakes you have made with love.

The only thing I ask when you use the FREE printables is that you give credit where credit is due if you share them or pin them. Thank you ?


FREE Printable! Grandparents Day Cupcake Toppers - Daily DIY

FREE Printable-Grandparents Day Cupcake Toppers

Grand Parents Day - FREE Printable! Worlds Best Award

Grand Parents Day – FREE Printable! Worlds Best Award

Grandparents Day FREE Printable - 2 fold Card - Daily DIY

Grandparents Day FREE Printable – 2 fold Card

Grandparents Day FREE Printable - Grandma Note Page-DAily DIY

Grandparents Day FREE Printable – Grandma Note Page

Grandparents Day FREE Printable - Grandpa note page - Daily DIY

Grandparents Day FREE Printable – Grandpa note page

If you have any problems printing the pages, please send me an Email and I will be happy to forward the files on to you.

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