Fun and Festive Christmas Color Schemes

If you’re a Christmas traditionalist chances are you have plenty of sentimental decorations you use year after year. But if you’re just starting out or you want to try something a little different this year, focusing on a color scheme will help you figure out where to start.

Christmas Color Inspiration

If you’re not sure what kind of color scheme you want to go with look for inspiration in the things around you.

Home Decor

Taking inspiration from your home’s existing decor is the best place to start. Choose colors that compliment rather than match what’s already there.

Gift Wrap

If you’ve seen any gift wrap that you really like consider creating a Christmas color scheme around it.

Sentimental Decorations

If there’s an ornament or other type of decoration that’s been around since your childhood or passed down through the family you might want to consider using it as the base for your color palette.


Popular Christmas Color Schemes

If you’re still having trouble deciding consider one of these popular color schemes.

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Red, Green and Gold

For the traditionalists out there nothing beats classic red and green with hits of gold. It’s the color scheme that is almost universally accepted as belonging to Christmas. Those three colors together evoke feelings of warmth, family, and holiday cheer. No matter what the rest of your house looks like, this color scheme is always a winner.

White, Silver and Blue

For a cool and slightly more modern look try combining white, silver and blue (light blue for a pretty look, dark blue for a sophisticated look). Festive yet refreshing, this cool and icy color scheme is an homage to the winter season, which makes it inherently Christmas-y. If you’re considering this color scheme for your holiday decorating keep in mind that it looks best in rooms that have other cool colors.

Black and White

A black and white color scheme may seem a bit unusual for Christmas, but it’s perfect for anyone who craves a little glamour and sophistication. If you find it’s not quite Christmas-y enough add a little gold or silver. And make sure you’ve got some sparkle thrown in there too. If you really want to commit to this color scheme you might want to think about getting a white Christmas tree. It’s not for everyone, but it can look great!

Copper, Brown and Green

This color scheme is a twist on the traditional. It evokes the same feelings as red, green and gold, but it’s just a little more demure. Brown and green are particularly nice as they connect with nature (think pinecones and evergreens) and the copper adds that bit of holiday flash. If you want tradition that’s just a little more subtle and natural, this color scheme is the answer.

Citrus Colors

For people willing to experiment and have a little fun, citrus colors like lime, orange and yellow can be cheerful and festive. Take this example from designer Tobi Fairley¬†– the colors may not be traditional, but it’s just as Christmas-y as any other classic color scheme.


Can’t decide on a color scheme? You don’t have to! One of the great things about decorating for Christmas is that there really aren’t any rules. It’s the one time of year when decorating to excess and going over-the-top is totally acceptable. So if you want to keep adding color after color, go for it.