Frozen: Olaf Inspired Candy Jugs

Ok so yesterday I gave a little teaser about what I was doing with all the glass starbucks bottles I showed you how to clean Tuesday on Tuesday Tips! You can learn how to get your labels cleared off with ease RIGHT HERE. I decided I wanted to paint the bottles and make a few desk accessories with them. When I painted the first 2 on the outside, I didn’t particularly care for the matted look for desk accessories.  So I wanted to do something cute and whimsical to the already white paint covered bottles. I couldn’t let them go to waste! I sat here thinking what is all white and cute for kids? Ohhhhh Olaf! Every kid that has seen the movie loves little Olaf! I can draw him….. I think ? I looked around a bit on pinterest to see if there was a tutorial. I did stumble upon this awesome video on how to paint a full Olaf. I went by her instructions just to do the face. It was all I really wanted on the bottles. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE! How to draw/face paint Olaf the snowman! Olaf Inspired Glass Candy Jug - Daily DIY And this is what I got! Isn’t he cute? I filled them with m&m’s and gave them as a gift. I think now I need to go buy more Starbucks (what an excuse!) and see if I can’t make them even better! As for the remaining bottles, those are still drying! I’m sorry … Stay tuned to see how they turned out! But I will say, painting the inside of the bottles is beautiful! I can’t wait to put them on display for you all to see! Looking for more Daily DIY Life Crafts? Check out our CRAFTS page !!