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2016 Latest Home Decoration Kitchen

The basic function of the kitchen is cooking and food storage life essential place in the design and decoration of the time, we need to meet operational convenience, Quebec to the simple premise to carry out. So when in the design to take full advantage of space, light, materials selection, and the firmness of the above must be noted. Second is the use of the food material storage space, washing, to use rational design. Especially on the cooking zone open kitchen fume treatment we need to do a detailed design, if you can not achieve no fumes so try not to use open kitchen.
2016 Latest Home Decoration Kitchen
From our now popular for kitchen renovation. The appearance of the most simple of course, the kitchen is open-plan kitchen. But because of our eating habits mainly Chinese cooking, so their open kitchen fumes if relatively large restaurant and kitchen will be drifting in the room, resulting electrical corrosion, contaminated air, if the decoration is not good, then our kitchen will be a family of pollution.

As people constantly improve the quality of life, “How can we make it easier to use the kitchen” More and more people’s attention. The key to solving these problems is the rational design of functional kitchen. This needs to be based on ergonomics, ergonomics materials science and engineering principles used in the overall kitchen design and production process, to reflect the overall kitchen “people-oriented” cultural ideas. Kitchen features roughly divided into two categories: cooking functions, storage and storage functions.
2016 Latest Home Decoration Kitchen
Then the kitchen design and decoration we need to how to proceed?

1, kitchen renovation to ensure air circulation

Kitchen, the most basic and the most unique feature is of course cooking. In this space, carrying the owner of three meals a day everyday cooking tasks, some families may assume professional cooking function gatherings or large events.

In addition, the kitchen should also have the ingredients before cooking to be ready to deal with pantry functional areas, as well as cooked or raw food simple functional areas of food processing. Sometimes the kitchen also need to take light meals and features a simple grill.
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In order to cook delicious food, there should also be some necessary kitchen utensils, such as electric oven, microwave and cooker, etc., for such heating device should make reasonable arrangements and set up in advance. In addition, the refrigerated and frozen food should be well in advance of thinning the ribbon. Kitchen space also need to ensure the overall environment for improvement in odor, the kitchen should try to ensure that the flow of fresh air.

2, renovated kitchen storage container
Each home space mission carrying quite accommodating, kitchen storage space items are mostly related to cooking and eating, such as Chao Shao, pots and pans, dishes, knives and other utensils and cooking spices and auxiliary storage equipment storage, if it is drink coffee owners also need to accommodating kitchen coffee maker and coffee supplies leave the position. In addition to equipment, the kitchen’s main function is to store food. Such as storage of food, dry goods, edible oil, spices and other liquid items. In addition, children’s food and children’s tableware storage also should be more careful.
2016 Latest Home Decoration Kitchen
3, pay attention to health and safety kitchen renovation

In the kitchen space, placement and storage of drinking water it is particularly important, and then there is to ensure the health and safety of the kitchen space, cleaning supplies should also be accommodated properly. And beginning in the design of the kitchen trash should the location and function well clear arrangements, proper arrangements for the necessary waste disposal systems.

In addition to the above features, the kitchen should also set aside a middle-aged elderly family members temporary resting position of the stool and the necessary emergency lifesaving drugs.
2016 Latest Home Decoration Kitchen
Kitchen Design natural transition: an open kitchen with a transition restaurant must be very natural. It recommends the use of a lovely bar, simple, practical, functional furniture from the kitchen to the dining room to complete the transition look simple partition cabinet, sleek dining table. As for the kitchen and dining room furniture, it is best not to generate a sense of transition and fracture stiff, able to do the harmony, inside and outside the echo is the best.
Kitchen decor coordination: the open kitchen, the walls, the ground color and decoration, cabinet style and tone must be coordinated with the adjacent restaurant style. Because here the kitchen is not a separate space, not only to undertake the daily task of cooking, but also to cooperate with the families of other regions, jointly undertake the important task of lifting furniture warm feeling.