Fluffy the Snowman

Instructions for making a snowman Christmas decoration using pom-poms.


Hi. I’m Sally Style from Family Fun, here to show you how to make some Fluffy the Snowman Ornaments. These soft and fuzzy ornaments make great presents for parents and teachers alike. To make this craft, you’ll need needle, thread, one large white pom-pom, two small whit pom-poms, colored felt and a matching 1-inch pom-pom, orange felt, black sea beads, yarn. Start by threading a needle and knot the end. Pass the needle through the centers of a large white pom-pom and then two smaller ones. To add a hat, saw through the center of colored felt and a matching pom-pom. Scrunch the snowman parts together slightly and secure with a knot that includes a loop for hanging. Glue on an orange felt triangle for a carrot nose and beads for the eyes and buttons. Finish the ornament by tying on a yarn scarf. Whether you make one or a dozen of these flush ornaments will be a welcome addition to any tree.