Five Points to Bedroom Renovated in 2016 to Create a New Bedroom

Five Points to Bedroom Renovated in 2016 to Create a New Bedroom

There is a cozy bedroom, happiness can make people’s sharp rise. We have nearly a third of the time spent in the bedroom every day, so the bedroom decoration is very important. Well decorated bedroom which point is we need to pay attention to it  or how to decor it?
Five Points to Bedroom Renovated in 2016 to Create a New Bedroom
One, space

Under normal circumstances, the bedrooms are small, but also to put something more, so often there will be space congestion problems. To solve this problem, there are a few tips:

1, the blank space is arranged as far as possible, the need to leave enough space between the wall furniture.

2 out of sight, all hit the ceiling of the cabinet, and try to put in the door with the wall or standing in the doorway looking in time.

3, all visible at the door of the cabinet, so as not to exceed the height of 2.2m.

4, try placing decorations size dots. For example, you can use some decorative painting small.

Second, privacy

Bedroom privacy characteristics embodied in two parts:

1, it is not visible to privacy – which requires it to have a more strict conservation measures, including a tight degree of tight doors and curtains. Leaf material used should be thicker, not directly use 3mm or 5mm sheet closed; if 5mm plate, should be in the paste layer 3mm board panel. The lower part of the leaf off the ground kept 0.3-0.5cm. Curtain of thick fabric should be used; if it is thin quality curtains, screens should be added to one layer. This enhanced privacy of the bedroom and reduce the interference of light sleep is beneficial.

2, do not listen to privacy – which requires bedroom has a certain sound capabilities. In general, the wall of the compartment is now sufficient, but there are some owners based on space considerations, like the two rooms in the middle of the wall destroyed, then cook a bidirectional or unidirectional wardrobe, this approach We need to pay attention to the noise.

Third, the color

Bedroom decoration, due to the different living body, the color is different.

1, the main bedroom. Master Zhou should warm the main floor is appropriate wooden floor. Does not preclude spouses aesthetic abundance of different situations to take a specific style color.

2, the second bedroom. The same should be warm-based, time-bedroom residence for the elderly in general, to consider action to facilitate the elderly and preferences of the decoration.

3, children’s room. Appropriate to some of the more lively colors. Color is more common with the blues boys room, girls room with pink or yellow tone tune. You can also use some of the wallpaper with cartoon animals or flowers, plants pattern. Children can also be more room to place some toys frame. Children’s room may be the use of wood, which is conducive to children Mopa which is not cold. If there are no conditions set wood flooring, you can also use child pads, these pads most colorful, and some puzzle pattern or letters.

4, nanny room. Generally do not need to do too much decoration, handle the wall, the top can be.

Fourth, environmental protection

Bedroom with respect to the other in terms of space, it is a must mention environmental problems. Bedroom to a more closed, and secondly, the placing of furniture is greater. We have repeatedly mentioned environmental issues material in other chapters. Inside this material is very important, too, ventilation is also important. Newly renovated bedrooms, the media should be good ventilation conditions. Meanwhile, the purchase of new furniture should also open the doors and drawers for ventilation to dissipate. In addition, the bedroom should not put too many plants, too many flowers and plants easy to gather chi and plants in the evening absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, so easy to affect people’s health.

Fifth, lighting

Bedroom lighting requirements much, but note that the bedroom should not be used lamps shot down, it is appropriate according to the top of the light. However, according to the top of the incandescent light if it may cause the upper portion of the top surface of yellow light phenomenon (which is baked).

If the illumination lamp is not at the top, but on the wall, this limitation can be avoided. But now for the home, the use of less and less Wall, the main reason one narrow range of lighting wall lamps, two relatively small models.