Finishing Touches on a Baby’s Room

Consider hanging some framed watercolor prints, matted with linen and placed in soft-looking wood frames so they won’t “pop” too much in the room.

On and near the changing table, place a variety of objects close at hand for late-night diaper duties. Add an accent lamp with a soft woven shade, which will provide enough light but not too much — an overhead light is too harsh late at night (and very early in the morning).

Also on the changing table should be a collection of attractive boxes for storage and a selection of layette necessities such as booties and gowns. On the wall above the changing table, one idea is to hang a mirror framed in children’s broken pottery — consider saving those shards from dishes your kids break so you can create your own works of art with them.

On the wall above the crib are five distressed-wood plaques with black iron letters that spell out DREAM. Other walls feature small shelves (child-friendly items are placed within reach on the lower shelves, collectibles and breakables up higher) with simple pegs to provide storage for robes, etc.

Every child needs a toy chest, and this nursery features one made from a wooden box that has been whitewashed and “dressed up” by the addition of small architectural findings and a length of fluting. Grip-holes in the ends help make it movable for those times when a quick straightening-up is in order.

Finally, replace the closet doors with six-panel doors for a richer look and add star pulls to enable small hands to grip them more easily. The closet side of the room holds the rocking chair and the rug that started the whole design ball rolling.

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