Fence Post Stepping Stones

Transform 4×4 fence posts into distinctive wooden stepping stones to add beauty to your home’s exterior.

Materials and Tools:

4×4 pressure-treated posts
miter box, chop saw or hand saw
hardware netting or hardware cloth
multipurpose construction adhesive


  1. Cut the post into 1/2″ thick sections; you’ll need nine of these slices for each stepping stone.
  2. Cut hardware netting or hardware cloth into 10-1/2″ x 10-1/2″ squares. Lay one of these squares out on a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper over a flat surface.
  3. Butter the back of the fence post slices with construction adhesive and glue them directly to the netting. Wiggle the slices a bit as you place them to make sure the adhesive gets a good bond with the wood and the netting. Set a cement tile on top of the wood squares to help hold everything in place. Note: Make sure you use a construction adhesive made for outdoor use; it will need to hold up in all kinds of weather.
  4. Once the glue starts to dry, remove the waxed paper. Let the glue cure thoroughly. Repeat for the other fence post slices until the stepping stones are complete.
  5. Seal the wood blocks with two or three coats of exterior-grade polyurethane.
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