Fabulous Front Yards

Before: Treacherous Steps

These steep steps are cracked, uneven and worn, and atop still more steps, a postage-stamp-sized porch.

The concrete steps leading to this Seattle home are steeper than they look and are cracked, uneven and worn. The reward for making this climb is a yard full of dead grass, plus more steps up to a postage-stamp-sized front porch.

After: New Terrace

Terracing makes the climb to this house easier, and the added deck is a great place for the homeowners to relax and entertain.

Wider steps and two new terrace levels break up the space (and the climb) while creating new living spaces. A much larger deck helps conceal the garage area and gives the homeowners a perfect vantage point to enjoy their view of the Seattle skyline. Get another view of this front yard.

Before: Lacking Landscaping

These homeowners love Spanish and Tuscan decor, but you’d never guess that from the looks of this front yard.

The interior of this Phoenix home reflects the eclectic style of the homeowners and their love of Spanish-Colonial and Tuscan decor, but the front yard looks more like a moonscape than a landscape. The homeowners want a circle driveway and a front courtyard.

After: Desert Beauty

This new landscape and its Old World features clearly convey the homeowners’ sense of style.

The dramatic design combines natural desert beauty with the Old-World style the homeowners love. In addition to the circular drive, they’d wanted a xeriscaped landscape (a front yard with no actual grass) so the mix of plants includes agave, desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) and small cacti. Lantanas and potted geraniums provide plenty of color, and an enormous saguaro cactus confirms that this home is a desert hideaway.

Before: Tired Lawn

This front yard is much too boring for the likes of these homeowners.

The homeowners love their cute, trendy Venice home but not the chain-link fence, a tired lawn and unimaginative concrete walkway. They want tropical plants that are better suited to the diminutive size of their California garden.

After: Dramatic Entrance

Contoured lines and tropical plants help create a stunning entrance.

A custom curved fence, quartzite-paved hardscape and an abundance of tropical plants combine to create a dramatic entrance to the front yard.

Before: Overgrown Hedges

Photo by: VideoFocus


Overgrown plants and hedges are keeping these homeowners from enjoying all that their home has to offer.

Visitors can barely see the house, and the homeowners can’t enjoy the mountain view, thanks to the overgrown junipers and hedges. Plus, the homeowners want to highlight the charm of their home and its distinctive architectural elements.

After: Stunning Entryway

A new patio and landscaping allows these homeowners to really enjoy the view.

A new patio made of old brick to accentuate the home’s architecture becomes a stunning entryway as well as a place for the homeowners to enjoy the view.

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