Easy DIY Projects To Tackle During Quarantine and Make Your Bedroom the Stuff of Dreams

Being stuck at home isn’t easy, particularly when you’re sharing the space with your entire family or roommates. So naturally, many of us are probably retreating into the space we might have previously used just for sleep: the bedroom.
Those four partitions may feel like they’re closing in on you right about now–and you are probably more than ready for a little pick-me-up. After all, as long as you’re stuck in there anyhow, you may as well choose a project which will cheer you up, correct ?


Bearing this in mind, here are eight of our favorite simple projects you can tackle in your bedroom while social distancing.
Sure, you can always go out and buy a pendant light–but with this much time on your hands, why not create one?
“Pendant lights are all the rage right now, but they can get expensive,” says dwelling author Jeneva Aaron of TheHouseWire. “This Bedroom DIY pendant is stylish, super easy to create, and very reasonable. Additionally, it has an earthy, organic quality that may bring some boho style to any room.”
Get started making your own pendant light for this tutorial.
Whether you’re sick of your current pillows or simply needing a refresh, then hand-painting your own throw pillows is an excellent way to give your bedroom the pop of color it requires.
“Can’t find the perfect pattern for your throw cushions? Looking for some that fit the specific colors in your area? If you can’t find them, make them,” Aaron says. “Using just a little bit of fabric paint, you can make the cushions of your dreams”


Follow this DIY job to create the best throw pillows for your bedroom.
This simple, rustic facet table is a breeze to create, and the final product will have everyone thinking you shelled out a few real cash and purchased it.
“This really is a fantastic beginner project and, at just $25, you do not have to be too worried if you even mess this up,” says Carmen Smith, owner of Living Letter Home. “But these comprehensive instructions are composed such that it’s near foolproof.”
Follow this easy-peasy Bedroom project to upgrade your bedroom with a rustic-chic side table. ADD FLOATING CORNER SHELVES
Have an unused corner of your bedroom? Then why don’t you put it to operate with a pair of floating shelves?
“Corners are precious spaces, but people often leave them vacant,” Aaron says. “And you don’t need to purchase shelves, either. It’s simple to take a few old timber and turn it into a corner shelving system where you can display decor or books.”
Follow this guide to receive your very own pair of corner shelves for all those additional books and mementos.