Don’t Miss The Low-Divide Kitchen Sink

Sinks with low dividers are great options for those of you looking for a double tub sink.  Did I say great?  I meant, Amazing, Fabulous, Genius!  

The double versus single tub preference is split right down the middle. However, for those that do prefer the double sink, it is not uncommon to hear one complaint over and over again: the divider in the middle gets in the way making doing dishes a noisy affair with handles hitting the divide. This is where the low divide option comes in handy….

Low divides are a genius innovation to give you a double tub sink without the banging!  A low divide splits the sink into 2 tubs with a dividing wall that is about half the full height of the sink.  This is enough of a divide to fill one side up with dish water, but not enough to create a racket while washing!  You can rotate your large pan handles from side to side and wash a cookie sheet, no problem, just like with a single tub.  

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There are only a handful of companies who make these low divide sinks.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Kohler-Smart-Divide2.jpg - Kohler

Kohler Woodfield With Smart Divide K-5839-5U-0.

Kohler SmartDivide

It was Kohler who spearheaded the low divide movement with their “Smart Divide” sinks.  Kohler offers 7 different sink models in varying sizes.  

Offered in Stainless, Cast Iron Enamel, undermount, top mount and even in a farmhouse style, you are sure to find a sink that fits you and your kitchen.  

Models with Smart Divide include:

  • Vault (featured in “Stainless Steel Sinks – The Best of The Best”)
  • Deerfield
  • Indio
  • Iron/Tones
  • Langlade
  • Whitehaven
  • Woodfield (pictured here)

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Blanco Low Divide Sink - Diamond Silgranit - Blanco America

Blanco Diamond 1-3/4 Bowl in Silgranit II.
Blanco America

Blanco Low Divide

Blanco’s sinks are big, and that does not exclude their low divide model.  The Blanco “Diamond” 1-3/4 sink is a deep sink made in their Silgranit II material – a granite composite (80% natural granite), is a large and medium bowl with a radius backside on the larger tub.

Blanco also has the “Perfoma Cascade”, which has a low divide with an opening for the water to “cascade” down to the larger bowl.  Not a true low divide that creates a double sink, but more of a rinse side.  The Performa Cascade is also made in the Silgranit II material.  

Available in several colors from black and brown to white and taupe.

Elkay Gourmet Stainless Steel Double Bowl Apron Front Undermount Sink with Aqua DivideEAQDUHF3523R.


Yay for Elkay, they are a smaller brand with great value.  Elkay offers only two sinks with low divides or “Aqua Divide”- the “Gourmet” and the “Harmony”.

The Gourmet is available in different sizes and bowl configurations, all undermount stainless steel.  A very square, contemporary sink.

The Elkay Harmony ELGULB3322, is made from e-granite, which is Elkay’s granite composite (85% natural granite).  

Well, there you have it…a handful of great options to help you bring the low divide sink into your kitchen. Low divide sinks – they are functional and stylish and they allow you the benefits of the double tub with the functionality of the single. Form and function – doesn’t get better than that! 

Strongly Consider Low Divides

Functionality is everything with a kitchen sink. It is a great feeling to be able to use your kitchen sink the way you need to…
Whether you are deciding between a single tub or a double tub, low divides give you the best of both worlds. Whether you are searching for stainless or an enamel sink, you can now find a low divide that fits your design style.
Look no further, your sink is here!