DIY Room Decor Ideas 2016

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As the saying goes, New Year weather, the old year has passed, we can better meet the new year, for a new home is the same, ah, there must be a lot of people to a new home in the busy new year, so the new year let Imagine what kind of home is it!

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DIY Room Decor Ideas 2016 We are only going to focus on bedrooms today, because each room has a specific characteristic, and you need to treat it accordingly.

However, you can apply these ideas for other parts of home decor as well, or let them inspire you to have your own original ideas. DIY budget room decor is all about re-purposing objects, about giving them new life, or creating something from scratch yourself.

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For example, we’ve recently stumbled upon an idea that seemed not only endearing, but actually practical as well. So, if you have a bedroom with romantic or shabby chic decor, you can make your own nightstands or tables out of tree stumps.

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Using the fallen leaves to made a frame with three different sizes and hang it inside your bedroom walls above the bed and it will give you an inspiring design.

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