DIY mason jar choose lid christmas ornament

Great! You can now create a cute, simple, rustic Christmas decorations from it!
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — If you have a bunch of random mason jar lids laying around the house, you may finally put them to use this holiday season!
Make your own mason jar lid decorations on your Christmas tree. They’re simple, cute, and aesthetically pleasing decor for your holiday decorations!
Materials you’ll need:
Mason Jar lid and screw ring (in case you don’t have any, I grabbed a 12-pack of Target for $6.99, )
Gorilla glue or glue gun
Cutouts or decals
How to make it:
Step 1: Cut a piece of twine to your preferred length, tie it into a not and round the screw ring of the lid to hang. Add some glue to ensure the twine to the lid.
Step 2: Grab your cloth or flannel and use the lid to outline and cut out a circle out of your fabric. Then, line the edges of the bit of fabric with adhesive and press on to the interior of the screw ring. Then paste the lid to the rear of the cloth or you may leave it as is.
Step 3: After you’ve glued the twine and fabric to the screw ring and lid, glue your cutouts or fabric stickers to the front of the lid.
Measure 4: Hang it on your Christmas tree!