DIY Kitchen Islands To Expand Your Space


Kitchen to use things quite a bit. Numerous kitchen brings convenience to daily life, but also to the kitchen to become crowded. To put so much kitchen clean, yet easy to use, it is not easy. Small kitchen design is also a coup, to give you the kitchen to create a new world!

If your cooking area didn’t come equipped with enough surface space, go the DIY route. There’s a project for everyone—whether you’re crafty or not so much.


Take that old dresser you recently replaced or one that you found at the flea market and transform it into a kitchen island. The dresser here was raised to be the same height as the countertops—recycled table legs were added to the existing legs. The whole piece was painted a bright turquoise and the existing hardware was removed, spray-painted, and reattached. The countertop was made from a large piece of wood painted white.

This kitchen island packs plenty of storage and was created with three IKEA bookcases. They were connected with particleboard screws and secured to the floor with cleats. Bead board was used to make the whole piece look uniform, while a butcher block was added as the countertop. Then, trim was added to the bottom of the island and below the countertop for a finished look.

An old desk becomes a stylish movable kitchen island with paint, castors, and formica marble. After sanding the desk, light blue paint was added to the desk and the old hardware was replaced with silver pulls. Wheels were added to the legs and formica marble was attached as the countertop.
Work Bench

An old Craftsman workbench gets a new life as a rustic-chic kitchen island. This particular project didn’t require a ton of assembly—the whole piece was spray-painted and new knobs were added to the drawers. The wooden countertop is original to the workbench—it was just sanded and stained.
Industrial Cart

This one is perfect if you have a modern-style home or like industrial décor. The cart (which was found at a thrift store) was cleaned and sanded first. The butcher-block top was created from the top of an old table, but any large slab of wood works, too. And since it’s already on castors, it’s easy to move around and perfect for a tiny kitchen where some rearranging is needed from time to time.
Wine Crate

Instead of repurposing an old piece to create an island, you can get an affordable, plain butcher block or kitchen cart and transform it with some interesting details. This piece was originally a plain wooden kitchen cart from IKEA. To save it from boredom, a cheerful, bright paint color was applied to the whole cart. The drawer fronts were decorated with a piece of a wine crate attached to the existing face and accented with a brass-hued drawer pull.