DIY Kitchen Island X Trim-Cheap Cabinet Makeover Guide

I’m a bit (lot) late to the party, but I expect that your 2019 is off to a great start! Although I have not posted much here recently, we’ve been super busy and I am looking forward to sharing more of what we’ve been up to!
I am really eager to post this simple DIY today. It is one of these jobs that gives you a great deal of bang for your dollar and a trick we have used in three jobs now (with fantastic feedback!) . Since a lot of you found my article on how to add trim to create a shaker style cupboard useful, I figured you may feel the same about this little endeavor. This DIY X trimming cabinet makeover is ideal for islands, but it also works well on vanities and even flat-panel doors.


The first time we inserted the X detail into a cupboard was for a flip house – the Avenue House. As fortune would have it, we discovered the perfect size bath vanity on clearance at Lowe’s. Unfortunately, it was pretty outdated looking. We knew we’d paint over the orange faux oak finish, but we needed to liven up the sides too because they’d be so visible from the hallway. With just a little bit of trimming and lots of paint – my two favorite tools! – we transformed a humble clearance locate into this beauty! (Professional photography along with a cleaned up area helped, also )
We bought some pine lattice trim to produce the X. We use this trim often for wainscoting and other millwork jobs because it’s dirt cheap and has a nice thin profile. This trim also comes primed that is great and allows your paint to go on smooth like buttah. Depending on how big your island or cupboard, you may want to choose a broader lattice stip to match the scale. By way of example, for the dressing table we picked a 2.5″W trimming since the thickness of the cabinet was just 18″. But for my parents’ island (which can be 30″D) we used a 3″W trimming. You can observe the progress of the 90s kitchen makeover under (getting close to being done!)