DIY A Cute Tooth Bag to Collect Your Kid’s tooth

tooth fairy bags

A DIY tooth fairy bag,isn’t it cute?How many times has your child’s tooth fallen out, and not made it under the pillow because it’s missing? In our case LOADS of times, which often ends in tears.

Here’s a simple 5 minute project to make for any little kids who are losing teeth and tucking them under their pillows for the tooth fairy at night. Those baby teeth are teeny tiny and need a little proket to be placed in. Follow our steps to make these cute tooth fairy bags that your kids can help with too…


Supplies: Needle and thread (or sewing machine), Small muslin bags, chalk,scissors, fabric marker and/or stamps to decorate,


1. Turn the bag inside out and sew a small triangle at the bottom of it.

2. Cut out the triangle with scissors and turn the bag right side out.

3. Decorate with fabric markers and you can stamp the child’s name on the other side as well.

This cute tooth fairy bag is finished!