Diggy’s Bedroom Renovate And Makeover

When the 18-year-old son of Run DMC’s Rev Run, rising rap star Diggy Simmons thinks he’s ready to leave his parents’ nest. But his mother, Justine Simmons, has a plan to transform his room into a suite he will never want to leave.

Child’s Play

BEFORE: Diggy Simmons has grown up, but his room hasn’t changed. It was time to trade in the stuffed animals and video games for a more mature bedroom. Diggy also needed more storage space and more privacy from the rest of the house.

Sophisticated Style

AFTER: Diggy’s new bedroom is fit for an adult with a clean minimalistic design. Modern light fixtures, crisp white furnishings and gold accents give the room a refined look.

Custom Closet

AFTER: Diggy has plenty of storage space for his collection of hats and sneakers in the custom walk-in closet attached to the suite.

Private Suite

AFTER: The door to the hallway was closed off to make way for Diggy’s own private entrance into his suite. The old carpet covered in stains from the dog was replaced with dark hardwood floors and topped with a fluffy chic area rug. On the top half of the room, a high-gloss ceiling looks polished and contemporary.

Gold Accents

AFTER: A fun golden piggybank sits on Diggy’s bedside table. Justine insisted on decking the room out with Versace accessories down to the bedside table knobs, but Rev. Run reminded her no amount of Versace would make Diggy stay forever.

Suave Seating

There’s plenty of seating for Diggy’s friends on a large semi-circle sectional across from his bed. Behind the sofa, textured panels were hung and sanded together to look like seamless waves running across the wall.

Music Corner

AFTER: A corner of Diggy’s room is dedicated to his music with his first record Unexpected Arrival proudly displayed in a frame. A decorative hand extends from the wall to hold his iPhone while it’s charging or playing music.

Out-of-Style Bath

BEFORE:The sink on the opposite wall spurted water upwards from a broken faucet and the ceiling was covered in old-school glass panels. The dated bathroom was cramped and donned boring beige tiles and curtains. It would be completely gutted and renovated from the ground up.

Personal Spa

AFTER: The bathroom was upgraded with a jacuzzi tub and a stand-up glass shower. The entryway is much more open since the back wall was extended to allow for more walking space.

Sleek Sink

AFTER: An ultra-modern sink replaces the drippy faucet the bathroom had before and dark cabinetry pops against the white walls and floor. A strip of mosaic tiles add a clean blue element to the room and a tall storage cabinet doubles as a full-length mirror.