Different DIY headboard Ideas For Bedroom


Headboard extends from the edge of the bed, the vision expanded to the wall after the bed is definitely a focus of attention. If you want to change the look of the bed, then start it from the headboard.

A headboard can give your bedroom a more polished, finished look. But if you haven’t gotten around to buying one (or can’t afford the splurge), why not make your own? Take a look at these DIY headboard ideas that range from easy to advanced.

Mantel Headboard

This upcycled mantel project is both whimsical and stylish—and the extra shelving adds another spot to display books and other decorative objects. First, Mandi at Vintage Revivals gave an antique mantel a good clean and a few coats of paint. Then she attached plywood to the mantel’s empty space and nailed the whole piece to the wall. To finish the look, she drew arrow designs on the wood with paint pens.
Wood Fabric Headboard

It’s easy to get a rustic-inspired headboard without hunting for salvaged wood and then spending time sanding or applying stain to it. This piece was made from sheets of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or acoustic panels that were sized to the width of the bed. The wood-patterned fabric was wrapped around and stapled to the headboard.
Pegboard Headboard

A pegboard is a great decorating base for a headboard—it’s unique and it’s easy to hang and store objects on it, such as a piece of art, a vase, or a basket shelf. Here, four pegboard squares were attached above the bed with drywall screws. You can use pegboard hangers to display decorative objects after the whole piece is secure on the wall.
Vintage Sheet Headboard

We’re all familiar with the college dorm room classic: a tapestry or textile hanging on a blank wall. This idea allows you to display your favorite fabric, but in a more grown-up, sophisticated way. Heidi of Happiness is Homemade took wood cutouts and attached them together with thin wood strips. She painted the whole piece white for a more uniform look and then placed a vintage sheet across the back of the headboard and secured with foam squares and heavy-duty staples.
Antique Window Headboard

The antique window frames give this space a vintage, rustic-chic look without being too overwhelming. Plus, it looks impressive for a quick and easy project. Liz Marie of Liz Marie Blog found these four window frames at a thrift store and fashioned them into a headboard for her small guest room. She hung the windows with picture hangers, screws, and nails.
Chevron Wall

All you need is paint and painter’s tape to complete this easy, but stylish project. The painted “headboard” idea has the same effect as an accent wall, but draws the eye towards the bed. Measure out how big you want the design to be and create an eye-catching template with painter’s tape. Fill in the template with your favorite paint colors, let dry, and you’ll have a budget-friendly headboard.
Chalkboard Headboard

This is the ultimate non-commitment headboard. Cover the wall behind your bed with chalkboard paint and let dry completely. Then you can use a favorite headboard shape or design as inspiration and imitate the look with chalk.