Decoration Tips -6 trick to Make your Small Bathroom becomes a Large Bathroom 2016

High prices, small bathroom is also normal, although the bathroom is small but wants a small bathroom renovation of a large space, it is not difficult, then we will teach you how to make the bathroom renovation becomes larger, six strokes bathroom renovation Cheats lets you benefit from the infinite. Want to create a small bathroom in a big space, only in the decoration on the material and color work hard enough, the functional areas to refine, add more humane facilities, warm shower immediately “released.”

Relatively independent bathroom, bathroom pace to keep up with the times, not out of date sent, form their own unique charm, while also integrated into the overall style of the room. Let small bathroom look bigger, more three-dimensional, wall and floor decoration is particularly important.

The bathrooms in the design, from the material to the color to be considered one by one in place, their choice would bathroom style formation play a decisive role.

Tips 1: use material

Translucent always good bathroom look spacious, small bathroom obediently abide by this rule.
Decoration Tips -6 trick to Make your Small Bathroom becomes a Large Bathroom
Translucent material can increase the light perspective rate, break the dull feeling. Glass wall is now the most popular form of decorative wall, although it is translucent but impervious Movies, Private property is well protected. As long as the equivalent of a large door floor glass walls, the bath can be more indirect natural light, but also reduces the growth of bacteria, avoid negative tide.

Tips 2: increase the level

The joint action of a good way to wall waistline, pattern tile, of course, DIY decoration, these are increasing the small bathroom space layering, pattern and color, bath room more than a few vivid and quite artistic.

To the small bathroom divided functional areas, not in the area on the ground hard, but the use of decoration materials and methods, cleverly divided into functional areas of the bathroom, from the visual look and feel so small bath, add several square meters of space.

Use only monochrome tiled bath room wall is not going to make the atmosphere more active, we want to have a three-dimensional, we must choose some patterns of tiles, decorated with color tiles to match, change the visual point, look at your bathroom up more.
Decoration Tips -6 trick to Make your Small Bathroom becomes a Large Bathroom
Tips 3: Using color

Say the bathroom is part of their personal space, to put this individuation in the end, it can be hands-on to paint a wall between the bath.

Boundless blue sea, in a small bathroom painted unlimited seaside scenery, is undoubtedly a good way to increase the sense of space in the bathroom.

Wall tile color options may vary depending on the preferences, whether it is a contrasting color, or the same color, each bathroom color can be found with a harmonious mix of colors.
Decoration Tips -6 trick to Make your Small Bathroom becomes a Large Bathroom
Tips 4: Compact Layout

When you open the bathroom door, it will not collide with other devices? When you wash your face, your bathroom if there is not enough space for you to stretch freely?

If these things plaguing your everyday life, because this is not a reasonable Bathroom layout. Ground between the small bath was not much, but with the big bath room, same four walls of a roof, in a relatively compact space know how to use them, be compact layout, then the small bathroom does not seem crowded messy.

The wall is where the most that can be exploited, such as the use of cantilever toilet and sink will not take up floor space; bathroom floor to make sense of expansion, the best color consistency, otherwise too many colors will small space look cluttered; articles having good storage function, but also allows each bathing area have a clear division.

Although small bath, after some well-dressed nor lacking a functional and attractive than large bathroom.
Decoration Tips -6 trick to Make your Small Bathroom becomes a Large Bathroom
Tips Five: Mini bathroom

Sanitary equipment in exquisite aesthetic and practical, it would also should pay attention to make our lives easier and relaxed.

Choose small bathroom smaller models bathing equipment, can save the limited space, more complete functional product will be greater use of space.

Thus, small bath only with “small but complete” features, with its own small highlights the large bathroom space.

For example shower configuration, enclosed shower area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than two square meters, shower screen also allows small bath to achieve a relatively wet and dry separation, they are small bath most standard basic configuration, the position can be arranged in the corner.
Decoration Tips -6 trick to Make your Small Bathroom becomes a Large Bathroom
Tips six: user-friendly configuration

“Humanity” in all areas of the technology, products, services and the like are more numerous references to the word, of course, is to give people to create a more pleasant and healthy life experience, it is also the inevitable trend of future design and final home.

For product design, the double standards in line with ergonomics and aesthetics, a combination thereof so that “science and technology people-oriented”, that is to become the ultimate goal.

The embodiment of human nature is only a few will be able to achieve in the details just right, the mobility of the elderly at home, take care of the first object, in place of convenient armrest in the bathroom, the space set aside enough distance for these needy families, although just a little change in design, but will bring considerable convenience life.

User-friendly design of these details are the best way to care for family members, a certain degree, but also make a small bathroom feel warm.