Decor a Unique Bedroom For Own 2016


Bedroom decoration is the process of renovation of the most important aspects, the bedroom is the owner of the premises to relax, requiring a simple secret, cozy relaxation.So no matter what do you want to design or decor a bedroom depend on yourself.

The bedroom is our safe haven, the place where we retreat to at the end of our day, and the space where we rise every morning to begin another day. The bedroom is our boudoir, the room where we relax and read, lounge with our family members, and shut the noise of the world off for a while. The way we decorate our bedroom is essential, as the colors, fabrics, and overall design affect our mood. Below is our gallery of 5 inspiring bedroom design ideas to give you the inspiration to create transform your bedroom from a plain room where you sleep to a cozy safe haven.

1. Funky and Eclectic in Fur

For a fun, funky look, try mixing two completely different materials when choosing bedroom sets. A night stand from a yard sale with a faux fur duvet, or hang a funky Art Nouveau sketch above the bed. Keep the colors light and fun, and don’t be afraid to add unique little items like the bright yellow skull pictured. Keep a vase of flowers next to the bed for vitality and a fresh aroma, and choose throw pillows in a variety of different but complimentary designs. While some designers believe that all bedrooms should have a uniform, symmetrical look, sometimes the coziest spaces are ones with unique, funky contrasts.
2. Elegance in Black and White

Black is a color often underused in bedroom decor, but it can add a dignity and depth to the room. Contrast black detailing on the bed with a gleaming white rug and white drapes. Another way to add depth to black bedroom designs it to choose lighting fixtures that are also black. As pictured, the overhead chandelier and twin night stand lights have black shades, adding a muted but warm ambience at night. These bedroom colors can also be enhanced by adding a royal gold or silver tone as an accent color, perfect for wallpaper or slip covers. The strong black highlights in this room add a masculine tone while the heavy brocaded drapes and recessed ceiling lighting keep this bedroom from feeling too aloof.

3. Lofty Designs

It’s quite fashionable to convert old lofts or industrial spaces into more intimate bedroom spaces. Bedroom decorating ideas for converted buildings include keeping some of the original stenciling on the wall, while adding a few color-matched prints. With generous natural light to work with, keep the secondary bedroom ideas in light earth tones, such as the pictured bed and rug. Add a splash of color with fresh flowers, and a matching flowery duvet. Instead of trying to work against the commercial look of the space, work with it instead, adding a soft whitewash to the brick and matching with complimentary colors for the bed and accessories.


4. Quilted Elegance

If strong color contrasts designs for bedroom sets don’t appeal to you, keep your colors focused on neutral cream and brown tones. An elegant quilted bedspread looks great with matching cream and white furniture. The subtle but powerful look of the crystal chandelier adds a nice touch to this bedroom design, while the gold sunburst mirror frame and white bedroom bench give this bedroom a queenly look. While this look may be a little too understated for some, sometimes adding matronly elegance to a room can add quiet appeal. Note the use of drapes above the headboard, which add a nice vertical element to the room. By removing carpets and/or rugs, bedrooms like these are easier to clean and keep in pristine condition.


5. Irregular Shapes Add Depth

As pictured, the unique wallpaper design and oddly-shaped headboard add unique depth and character to this bedroom set. Unvarnished, natural wood flowers elegantly compliment the chocolate brown and cream colors of the bed and bedroom furniture. The telescope makes excellent use of open windows, while the oversized prints add a splash of color and vibrancy to this bedroom design. The large circular rug adds a secondary geometric element to the bedroom and helps add intimacy to what is otherwise a very large space. Note the ceiling mounted lamps, which help draw the eye downward and convert a high ceiling to a more intimate bedroom setting without adding visual clutter. Placing a comfortable chair near the large windows gives better use of the space, encouraging you to use the bedroom for more than just sleep.